A Hot and Smoky Week 🔥

Where to start?

First, there was a heatwave. Then, the fires. Now, it’s the smoke from the fires. If you aren’t in California, I am sure you must’ve seen something on the news.

On Friday, I texted my family about whether we ought to postpone our first family gathering since Winter. It was gonna be hot and possibly smoky since, we couldn’t see Sonoma or the East Bay as we usually can, for the haze.

Was it a great idea to have my ‘elderly’ parents over? No one wanted to cancel and so, we were able to celebrate Dad’s 82nd and Noah’s 26th on Saturday. Everyone was careful. While the weather exceeded the predicted 92 degrees, hitting 104 degrees, we brought out the fan. My brilliant Sasha brought her oscillating fan. Woo.

There were 12 of us. Some stayed out on the party deck which is perfect for social distancing. Another cluster hung by the pool and a few never left the family room. It’s been a week since, everyone is fine. I didn’t know but found out that one of my wonderful brother-in-law’s had already been sick with that virus and 😊 recovered.

Happy Birthday 🎊

After the party, on Sunday, the heat really started to pour in. I think we had 2-3 days here with the temperature hitting 113-114. I only tried to swim the first day of the heat. It was like the reverse of getting into a hot tub. The pool was 80 degrees…which felt great. Within 10 minutes, I was feeling off and my head hurt. Things started looking wavy. Back into the house before a full on heat stroke came on. Tuesday, we woke up to hazardous air. I still needed to water my garden. The sun was blood red in a brownish sky. Eerie.


My side of our bed is next to a large window, when I woke up on Wednesday, I blinked several times to make sure I was actually not dreaming. The sky was deep orange. On Social Media, I saw the entire region reported the same. I tried to take a photo but iPhoto could only capture it in shades of grey. Again, had to check on the poor plants and trees. Everything was covered with ashes.

Ashes, ashes, all fall down

My biggest childhood fantasy was not having to go to school, to stay inside my home and watch endless TV, do lots of art and read. This was a week to live the dream. The studio was too dark and hot to do much with. The large canvas I needed finally arrived, after having been delivered first to the old house. We have AC in our bedroom only, so, that’s where I was. Sick of television, I enjoyed an audible book chosen because the story of a young woman takes place in Boston during the 1920’s which was where my mom’s family is from. I loved listening as I worked on my canvas. If only I could read and stitch simultaneously!

Almost finished!
I am listening all day today to TEDxMarin.

Yesterday was the opening of TEDxMarin’s 11th annual event! I have been listening to assorted talks and it’s hard to say which is my favorite because they’re all good listens. If you are tuned in, check out the ODC film.

I will be back soon to tell you about the MOCA Marin’s latest exhibit on Marin’s Rock Scene as my monthly volunteer gig is coming up this week and I will be gallery sitting the exhibit.

Thanks for checking in

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