The End is Near

Hello, Hello,

The end of unpacking my studio is soon. There’s still plastic bins to store….at least, now, I know exactly what’s in each one. I do want to paint the walls and some of the furniture. That will have to happen somewhere in the farther off future as my open studio day is coming up and I don’t want to move everything around before then. It’s already a challenge to figure out where/how/what artwork to display on my walls. So much to figure out by October 8! Right now, I’m stoked and trying to get my website looking better for TEDxMarin visits. If you haven’t received my invitation (with special price), please message me.

Welcome to my less messy studio. I am going to fill these walls with art.
Just bins left. Empties to be removed and filled ones to be stored. No storage room left in this studio. The haziness is from the smoky air. I stupidly left a window open in here. There’s a fan/light waiting to be installed. I definitely need more light.
My 2 current embroideries in progress, waiting for my attention. The smoke is awful but other homes we thought about buying are in evacuation areas. Imagine unpacking everything and then losing all of it. Prayers to everyone in those zones.
I tried to hang a few things. I am grateful for so much wall space.

I didn’t say that everything was finished or perfect, here’s some clutter that I need to clear out. I am going to bring in some shelving soon. That should help.


Thanks for checking out my blog.

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