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This is the Museum of Contemporary Art Marin


As I mentioned before, my application for Artist membership to MOCA Marin was approved. One of my duties as such, is to volunteer for a few hours on a monthly basis. I immediately looked over the list of volunteer jobs and found a thing I am very experienced with-putting art supplies together for small group projects. The small groups in this case, are families. The project is decorating bird houses. It’s a monthly art session offered for families with children.

The date I had planned to work was switched up. I was called in a week sooner than scheduled. Turned out to be a good thing since I probably needed a change. I have only left this house 3 times since July 2nd. The museum is on the grounds of what was Hamilton Air Force base. The building turned out to be a lot bigger than it looks. There’s an elevator to bring you up to all the artist studios..There is a cute museum shop- don’t know if anything inside it was made by local artist members but lots of gift items. I will get a picture another time. This being my first visit, I was a little shy about taking pix….but I did get some pictures of the current exhibit, which I will add at the end of this blog.

There are several display areas and it seems there’s a few galleries dedicated to local artists. One of the artist membership perks is having MANY opportunities to be in juried exhibits on site as well as having my own art ‘page’ on the MOCA Marin website.

I met a few of the staff of the museum, was lead to a room with everything you might want to decorate a birdhouse with, on a table. Instructions were to fill a few dozen bags with brushes, paints, scissors etc- a lot like when I would set up before day camp (I was a camp enrichment teacher -science/art/cooking). The museum is open for those who made appointments to see the exhibits. A few people came to see the art in this room as I was organizing. Just sort of nodded at each other. Everything seemed safe. There’s hand sanitizers everywhere, the floors have ‘6ft’ distancing markers. Of course, everybody had masks on. The family art day happens on the lawn, tables 6ft apart, masks and roving art helpers is how family art sessions go.

Next month is an exhibit of Marin’s Rock Art Scene. I will see it when my next volunteer gig comes up. I’m looking forward to it -one of our reasons for moving to Marin is for it’s music ‘scene’.

🥳💫❤️🌻🍾🌹🕺🏻👀🧑🏽‍🎨 Before I show my few pix of the Altered Book Show, here’s a link for TEDXMarin showcase! Add your e-mail to my list for that special invitation.

The show is much, much larger. I got pix of only some displays before I had to check in.

Thank you soooo much for coming by the blog.

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