Indoors with unfinished canvases

Hey There,

The air is getting clearer after much smoke from the fires by here. Our air was deemed unhealthy and so, we have been staying indoors- except for watering the garden and pool chores. We are huddled in the bedroom which is the only air conditioned room here. That’ll change with HOT🔥TER weather than we expected to experience here.

Don’t recall which day this was, a view of smoky air. Yuck.

Too warm inside to dig into chores. Holed up in my bedroom, it was cool enough to dig into unfinished embroideries. I returned to a face I put aside because it was too sweet. I showed some of the progress in my last blog.

Where I had left off on it.

Filled in the face and transferred it to another unfinished but marked up canvas.

I drew on a veil/hair and made notes on how I would fill this hair in. There’s bits of velvet, paper, fabric, gold and black mica flake and glitter in there.

What is where?
The forest is made of felt, turquoise glitter paper, cotton fabric and remnants of Vinny’s mom’s sari that I bought at his garage sale. I’ve used it in several art pieces.

Once I finished filling in the 2nd canvas with ‘flesh and hair’, I moved it onto the 3rd canvas to work on the rest of the composition.

I filled up this canvas quickly. I had to order a larger canvas to transfer this onto and then finish it up. ‘Augustine’ is it’s name for now. At finishing, it will be 30 x 30 inches. Waiting on delivery of larger canvas.

The other unfinished canvas.

While going through old canvases, found this. This face, I embroidered on the ‘wrong’ side of the canvas, because the sketch on the front was messed up. The canvas itself, is down to the net in a few places….but, I like the face and even found a background to eventually attach her to. She will need another canvas before I put her on that background canvas.

A head of blood red curls with navy and grey highlights coming up.

In other news, I get to do my volunteering duty at the Museum of Contemporary Art Marin in a couple of days. I can’t remember the last time I was in a museum but I am excited to check this one out since, I’m an artist member now.

Also, coming up is TEDxMarin on September 12, 2020. If you somehow missed my announcements all around the net, I was added as a featured Artist in the 2020 innovators showcase. When you go to the virtual event, click me up.

Also, also, I am looking forward to again being part of’s San Francisco Open Studios on October 8. This year, open studios is online. You would go into the open studio site, find my studio, see what hours I WILL BE LIVE in my studio. Visit me virtually when I am ‘online’ to chat, you get to look around my studio and I will be there to answer any questions. Might be giving away sets of my postcards to folks on that day, too. More information as time goes forward.

Thanks for checking on my blog.

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