The Heat is ON. 😩

Hello Hello!

Whoa, we are experiencing our first crazy weather since we moved in last month. It’s been between 97-108 degree heat . Awoke Sunday and Monday to thunderstorms. Abe the cat didn’t enjoy any of it.

In the excitement of having my studio mostly set up, I started collaging on the new mail box. I cut up an old sketchbook and also painted on some blank pages which helped me weed out the dried up paints. As my custom- the photos tell the story.

Going thru old sketch books- I was playing with my Pentel Pocket ink brush pens. I love drawing with these. This sketch looks a lot like one of my fb friends. I didn’t consciously draw her but sometimes, friends’ features show up. Wondering if this fb friend sees this?

Playing with my Sagura Pigma Art Set. If you love very fine lines, check out these pens.
Another ink brush sketch. I am saving this one to embroider. Gotta take time and review the rest of my sketchbooks, sometimes I stumble on a drawing I can do something with.

I don’t know if I mentioned it here, I worked part time at a locally owned art supply store. There is where I received an updated education on art supplies. It also where I was first inspired to embroider the skulls. I had no idea there were so many acrylic mediums or how to use them. I spent every penny I earned buying everything that appealed to me. In unpacking, I’m still finding unopened pens and painting supplies. Happy for the employee discount. It seems whenever I took a break from being a teacher, I found jobs where I was the student- learning to decorate cookies and selling art supplies are examples.

So, I made these little squares and rectangles to decorate the mail box.
I did enjoy lazily, sitting and cutting all these out. I still have unpacking and organizing BIGTIME ahead of me.

I am confessing that the mailbox hasn’t turned out as I hoped. That’s what I get for rushing into it without an over all design.

So, here it is. The paper was applied to the mailbox with craft glue and there are several coats of clear polymer to waterproof it. I expect all the colors will fade by next Summer. I will redo it then.

When it was too hot to be inside, I started decorating one of the 2 sheds that are in side yards here. I started with one box of the wood tiles and had to stop until we uncover the other boxes of wood tiles.

I used SimpleFix Pre-mixed Adhesive and grout to glue the wood to the structure.
The faces were from an exhibit I had inside Borders Book Store, several years ago. The exhibit was about 300 of these wood tiles with 4 color faces on each. The tiles attached to the wall with vel-cro. I asked my friends to pull a tile off and put it back on upside down so, I knew that had gone by. I enjoyed going by and seeing rows of upside down faces. Borders kept my display up for almost an entire year, asking to come get them as they were about to repaint the store.

It might’ve been Saturday or Sunday that I decided to spend most of the 106 degree weather in the air conditioned bedroom. I was actually glad to be confined as it gave me a opportunity to work on my website in anticipation of TEDxMarin (hit me up for a spesh invitation), prepare for Open Studios and finally, a chance to work on “Augustine’

Often, my canvases receive a name as I work on them, this is Augustine (for now). When I finish filling this canvas in, I will switch her out to the final canvas. Right here, is the 3rd canvas of her. My arms are short so I can only reach so far across a canvas, so I transfer the embroideries a lot to get larger canvases.

That is all my latest news. Thanks again for checking out my blog!

So excited!
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