Cookies, TEDx and MOCA Oh My!

Even though it’s still a crazy time for everyone, I am feeling pretty good. I finally have my new studio under some control- all cardboard is gone, just a few plastic bins to be removed. I just need to finish putting ‘little things’ away. Something not so little is my collection of copper cookie cutters.

Over 100 of these.

When my children were little, we took a walk down one of the little’main’ streets in our town. We were getting treats at a bakery. I was wishing out loud that I could decorate on cookies. The owner heard me and told me if I could work in the mornings, she would teach me. That was how I learned to decorate cookies and also why I began collecting copper cutters. They do tarnish but they last.

But, nowadays, my husband is the one known for cookies, having won the blue ribbon for his ‘Carmel Chocolate Chip Crunch’

I have sweet memories of baking with these when my kids were in grade school. Lots of the cutters were purchased with them in mind. Bright colorful platters of iced cookies for almost every occasion. Wedding and baby showers, volunteer gigs, meetings, my nephews’ Bar Mitzvah and birthdays. My hands were always stained with food coloring.

I would bring a basket of cookies to my favorite band when I knew someone who would get them backstage, even if I couldn’t deliver them personally, it made me happy.

I mostly enjoyed my cookie phase, the most challenging part was getting the consistency of the icing right. Too stiff icing and your wrists will ache. If the icing is too loose, then the design will mess up. For now, I will store these.

Did you receive my email? I have a special invite for you!

In other news, my email went out this morning. I’m very grateful to be added as a featured artist for TEDxMarin. I’m getting my artist website updated in time for this.

I am also happy to have my application for artist membership to the Museum of Contemporary Art Marin approved . I just finished setting up my page at their website. Check it out MOCAMarin. You can see, I’m getting around my new region without leaving my house.

Some more good news is I’m back embroidering and thinking up lots of projects for the future.

First Marin embroidered lady coming together.

Thanks for checking in !

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