Saturday, Making Progress


Seems never ending but I am almost at the end of unpacking.

I want to share a few things with you.

Hey! I am a few more days away from unboxing the rest of my stuff.

In the Art Parlor-studio-room, I’m down to 3 boxes to go thru. We have so many hand-me-down glass bowls, that I am using them to display my favorite yarns. I had kept them in containers at the other place, so hard to find a particular yarn that way.

The first couple weeks here, I detangled and rolled up masses of yarn and started filling some bowls with the balls. It wasn’t long before I noticed the balls unraveling and looking messy. Ugh, more time spent on detangling.

Not wanting to spend any more time on this, I found a solution- Clear tape. I rewound or tightened each ball and then put tape over the end of the 🧶. Messy balls no longer a problem.

Taped end out of sight.

My studio gets a little darker and warmer than I like in the late afternoon. I will deal with lighting at some point but right now, I move outside for a few more hours of sun. I tend to the crystals, beads and prisms between swims- gotta stay cool. I have washed, rinsed and divided all the trellis elements. I put the bulk of cleaned beads back into containers as I am focusing on transparent items.

In progress

I found a use for all those ‘floss caddies’ in sorting out small glass beads. It’s good to have a visual idea of how much trellis worthy glass there is. Before I soak the crystals, I have to snip off the rusty wires that are still attached. The new trellis can’t be spectacular if it’s coated with rust.

Though, I have washed all the beads with soap as well as numerous rinses, the rust was still lingering. I am now soaking the rusty crystals in white vinegar. We will see how this goes, I think it may be working. I’ll check back on that.

80 degrees in the shade and also, thanks to solar panels, it’s also 80 degrees in the pool.

In other news, I have joined Marin Open Studios see My art profile at MOS! . Though, I missed having an Open Studio for 2020, this has turned out to be very good for tuning into the local art scene and lead me to applying to be in the featured artist section for this year’s TEDxMarin Innovator Showcase. If you are already on my email list, expect a special invitation from me in the next week. If you aren’t, send me a message and I will add you.

Love listening to TED?
Message me your e-mail, I have a special invitation for my mailing list.

My last bit on today’s blog is that now that we are settling in and I have done all the detangling (all that Amazon yarn!), I gladly am starting to stitch again. Just finishing up a face started way back in Belmont.

What shall we call her?

Thanks so so soooo much for coming by my blog.

August 2020 is going well. Thanks for checking out my blog.
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