Monday Monday

As I inch my way thru my bins of art supplies, I have reached a pile of these plastic “Floss Caddies”.

My pile of 9 containers- some completely filled with floss are from Scott’s former coworker and our good friend Vic. Vic scouts the flea markets, garage sales and anywhere a good deal or rare collectible may be found.

I have always marveled at the contents of these floss caddies. All the time it must’ve taken to wind the strands onto the plastic/cardboard cards and to add the color code to each one. The containers came separately to me. The contents presented slightly different. Some codes are handwritten others have stickered numbers and some had none. Some were presented in perfect order, each strand wrapped pre measured. Should I feel bad that I have dumped all the flosses into one ziploc bag? Reducing about 14 cubic inches of nonessential stuff – my studio is large but stuff has to go.

Thanks for checking in. There is so much to put away. I am already signed up for ArtSpan’s September Virtual Open Studios- I will post more on that as soon as I have more information. This year, Along with a ton of other Artists, I will be showing my work LIVE on the internet. I won’t have time to paint my walls but at least, I can have everything in place. I better get back to it.

Abe waits in the cool shade of our new house. Today is one month since we moved in. We love it here.

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