Coming Along

Of course, it’s been a whirlwind since July 3rd. Still up to our ears in unpacking but we, like most of the USA, can’t really go anywhere (we don’t want to until that virus is contained). So, no hard push to completely rush the unpacking.

Our days have begun with leisurely breakfasts followed by watering all the plants and trees. We have added an apricot tree, various veggies and fruit plants. My long awaited avocado tree arrived a day after my wonderful city friend Aida brought by 2 avocado starter plants that came from her own tree. It may surprise you that avocado trees do really well in San Francisco? The parking lot my husband used had an enormous avocado tree- fully fruit bearing, in .the middle of the mission district. Sad that the lot was sold. Now there are condos where the tree was.

After tending the garden, I head to my art studio. Still unpacking, sorting and figuring out what to keep close by and what to store away.

I put all the leaves in this solid wood table. After going thru all the cardboard boxes, I am getting into the plastic containers. Once I see what I have, I decide how I should store things.
In the hutch, some of our teapots. I did not set out to collect tea pots, they just seem to have accumulated. Any how, I am using them to store buttons, charms, rhinestones and other itty bitty things. Also, stored in the hutch are my sugar and cookie supplies. Fun fact: for 2 years, I decorated cookies for a large decorated cookie company. I still bake and decorate custom cookies when asked.

The current challenge in putting the place together is deciding how to store all my canvases. The skulls are piled in one corner and the ladies are in another corner. I am keeping all my favorite yarns on display in serving bowls. We also seem to acquired a glass bowl collection in addition to the teapot collection.
At least, I can see the floor -progress!

Around 3pm, the art studio gets really warm and a little dark. I call it ‘a day’ and head outside.

The art room has an inspiring/distracting view of the reward I’m going to get later in the day.

I don’t really relax completely. I am very busy getting the beads, crystals and prisms cleaned and sorted for the next project… It’s taking a lot of hours so far…

I divided my 2 barrels of trellis into 5 containers- only 4 pictured here.
I am soaking each container of beads in water with a tiny bit of soap. The goal is to encourage any spiders 🕷 to move out of there. Also, to get the beads cleaner.
Before I refill the container with another round of water, I pick through to pull out any prisms, crystals and translucent glass I see.
Even after 5 or 6 washings, the crystals are still in need of rinsing.
Why do they mesmerize me?
These are my current “Bash Boxes”. When any of the ceramic stuff cracks, chips or shatters but aren’t too bad, they wait here to be turned into a mosaic. These pieces will eventually be decorating the upper “disco”deck.
We call it the Disco deck because the circle in the front, lights up. There is a huge view of San Pablo Bay and the East Bay from this deck.

Outdoors, I get the music going and work on the beads. As soon as I feel hot, I go for a swim. I love this. Such a contrast to the beginning of the pandemic as we were just waiting around in the almost empty house. If it weren’t for my daily romp with the herd of deer, I might’ve lost my mind.

Hahaha, I forgot about my HUNDREDS of tiny people, I think they will be in one of my teapots of wee things.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I have more things to tell you , so come back soon.

👋 from Marin County, California
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