Annnnd still unpacking…

The pod is gone!

Which means all of our stuff is here….somewhere.

I moved even more furniture and boxes into my studio. Including more family furniture that we couldn’t give away. My husband and I are both weirdly sentimental this way. For example, in our new boudoir : 2 dressers that were my mil’s, 3 pieces of furniture – mirror, dresser and desk that were my grandmother’s and Scott’s grandfather’s dresser. The bed stands are also part of that grandpa’s set. The old furniture is heavy wood and dark, dark, dark. Well, at least had space for all of that- the bedroom is the largest we’ve had.

As for the studio, a work in progress but the rest of the furniture is here…I’ll show below. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Grandma’s mirror was lost for 16 years in our last garage. It’s going up soon.

Back to my developing art parlor.

Here is Scott’s grandmother’s buffet. Like all the hand me down furniture, is in excellent condition.
And here is Scott’s mom’s hutch. Eventually, I will get around to painting all these old things. It’s all good as it is for now.
Yes, it will be weeks before this insanity is organized. Here is my mom’s old dining room table. More solid wood. During the Loma Prieta earthquake, me, mom, my brother and my son dived under that table. While things went crashing and swaying, this old thing kept us safe.

I’m not sure which accessory tables and furnishings will finish the room off.

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