New place is an hour from the old place.

Hello There,

We LOVE our new house. I guess it’s been about a week since we arrived. We are still emptying that pod and unpacking boxes. The weather here is hotter than Belmont by 10 degrees and dryer air. When plums fall from the tree- they don’t mold but simply dry out. I unpacked my huge electric dehydrator and use it at night to make dried fruit. We have fruit trees and a well maintained planting area that had ripe strawberries ready for us. Some of those, plums and slices of Meyer lemons are drying out.

The former homeowners left us planting boxes with herbs, flowers, fruits and veggies still growing. There’s lots of good things going on in the garden.

Well, you know I am excited to pull my studio together.

What a mess!
This was yesterday.

Today, I sorted thru some of that chaos and the guys unloaded more stuff. Including my childhood dresser.

My dresser from childhood

The story of this dresser begins from when I was around 7 years old. We were moving into our first house after a series of apartments on the peninsula by San Francisco. My dad was out of law school and ended up getting into real estate. He had a sudden big wave of success, bought a beautiful house, then took my mother and I furniture shopping. My mother chose this popular style for my big new bedroom. I recall all 3 of us were giddy about buying all this fancy furniture for the house. I had the furniture in my room until I was 12 and it was time for a teenage upgrade. The furniture was put in housekeeper Estelle’s room. When Estelle retired and moved to San Francisco, the furniture went with her. Estelle passed away in 2013. My brother was left in charge of her things. Her example of steadfast loyalty, humor and love would’ve been enough, but she had my dresser returned to me. It lived in my garage since then.


At least 50 years old. Solid as the day it was delivered. Just a bit discolored.

As we were loading it into the pod last January, we noticed it’s in rather good shape and all wood- the drawers are on track and clean inside. Obviously, it would be great for storage. Now, here it is.

Solid looking, what shall we put inside?
More bins to open, here’s some of the yarn I’ve been craving since January.
Starting to start to come together.
I’ve been looking so forward to organizing my “art parlor”.

Thank you for checking out my blog.

view from our window- Bel Marin Keyes is bright. The larger foggy body of water is San Pablo Bay- which blends into the San Francisco Bay.
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