At Long Last, HOME

Hello and Happy 4th of July

Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

We are in the middle of moving. Everything that was inside the house has been moved to the new house, which is where we are sleeping and settling in. Tomorrow, all the patio furnishings, garden shed stuff and most importantly- 2 barrels of crystals, prisms and beads (all were strung on a trellis) will come here. I am enjoying ideas of what I might do with them. After a few more days, the pod we packed with most of our furnishings will arrive. So much to do, but it’s the 4th. My guys got tired from settling in and setting up stuff. They’re enjoying the new solar heated pool today. We are very happy here.

Here it is, the new art space! Can hardly wait for my furniture to arrive.

These deep shelves in the artspace closet will be great for storing finished canvases.

Thanks for checking in!

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