Waiting Game

Hi There,

Happy Juneteenth!

Just a few weeks to go before July and moving on. The waiting is definitely the hardest part. We want new things for the family room Off kitchen, which includes dining space. I’m kind of set on buying patio furniture to put INSIDE the new family room. The family room is the only ‘social’ room since there’s no living or dining rooms. The way we wear and tear stuff plus look at all the comfy patio stuff made for outdoor dining. I can’t seem to get Scott to agree with me yet. We must find a patio ware place so he can feel the stuff for himself. Am I crazy?

Maybe, I am more than a little off center?

So, lately, after processing all that’s going on in this world, I have returned to binging television series for escape. I find that I can no longer tolerate any of the real housewives series. I enjoyed watching since the first shows came on. Now, I can’t even get through 5 minutes. However, I have become fascinated with the ‘ALONE’ series on the History Channel. I have gotten Scott hooked on it as well. It’s a reality show where 10 outdoorsy survival types are left al0ne in the wilderness . The last person to stay receives a life changing prize of $500,000. We binge about half a season a day. Yesterday, we watched the contestants eat mice in Mongolia and cheered when Britt outlasted everyone. It seems the number one reason folks ‘tap out’ isn’t starvation as it is the loneliness. I think during these times, we may all relate.

So, what to do while binging? I got severely bored with the yarn here. Same 6 yarn balls, I’ve been using since January. I was poking around Amazon and saw this thing-


I mean, 5 pounds of miscellaneous yarn sounded like a lot of fun to me!

Without reading the reviews, I went for it, telling the husband it would be fun to have new yarn and you know I do love surprises. It showed up in big box yesterday.

5 lbs of miscellaneous 🧶.

I was glad to see the fibers’ are lace weight. I already knew it would need to be untangled. All the yarn is acrylic as well. The largest amount of yarn is black with a mohair look.

Mostly black acrylic yarn. I use a lot of black, so that’s handy.

After black, there is almost an equal amount of the same yarn only in white instead of black.

Lots of white for skulls.

And then there’s this pink and gold yarn.

I didn’t need any more pink.
Sorry for the blurrrr, this gold colored chenille is thin enough that it’s bumpiness (I hate using bumpy yarn) doesn’t rip up the canvas. I am going to use it on this face canvas.

Okay, maybe not great yarn, maybe not a wide variety but, for $25., it will be a very long time before I will need to buy black, white, pink or gold chenille. I went back to Amazon AFTER receiving my bulky bag to see the reviews. Only one with 4.5 stars in the review. A lot of disappointment among buyers. I’m not sure what they were expecting when they saw 5lbs of miscellaneous yarn for only $25?

As tangles go, it’s not soooo bad. It seems like it’s pieces that had been on a cone and fell off . The yarn is CLEAN and looks new…..and it keeps my hands busy while we watch the ALONE contestants dream of their homes and face their challenges.

Thanks for checking in!!!

Three balls of the black stuff , so far.

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