Where did my quick update go?

I swear I posted a blog a few days ago! Seems that I may have deleted it, somehow?

Well, here I go, again. Looks like in about a month, I will be moving into a new house with a sparkling clean studio space. I am really looking forward to setting that up. More information and video tour about that next month.

In the meanwhile, between panic attacks , I ve practiced some color combos and stitches on canvas, I will use these patches in a future large canvas. It calms me down to have something to stitch, even if my creativity is temporarily down due to anxieties about moving to a completely new county. I’m very excited, really and we do have friends all around the new county. Nerves, probably residual from the intense negotiations sellling and buying. After a year of prepping-just to have everything closing down a week after listing our house, I’m beyond ready to settle down again. Most of our clothing and things are still in that pod that we packed in January. Whew!

Playing with stitches and color on canvas.

Thanks for checking in!!!

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