Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello There!

Traditionally, today is one of the biggest days for restaurants. I worked in a few restaurants and a bakery in my past, so I know this to be true. If your favorite place has curbside service, lucky you!

As you may know, my husband loves to cook. He made me lemon ricotta pancakes for breakfast in bed and has offered to make me anything I desire for dinner.

Lemon ricotta pancakes by Scott

The problem is that I am fully full and not ready to consider dinner. Earlier this week, I stumbled upon a YouTube video on how to make Italian ice. Belmont had a teeny heatwave and I had to try the recipe. Turns out, Ice making is super simple and only a few ingredients are needed. I made the lemon ice first. It required 2 cups of water, half a cup of sugar and squeezes of lemon brought to a boil, then cooled to room temperature. At room temp, placed uncovered liquid in the freezer. Every hour or so, take out the container and stir to keep the ice from forming into a block. It took about 4 hours to get it frozen in a flexible icee way.

Clara’s Italian Ice https://youtu.be/z4XPh5XTXcM

I was very pleased. So pleased, I had to try making chocolate ice the same way. I poked around Pinterest to look at recipes and decided on using these measurements- 1 cup cocoa, 2 cups of sugar and 5 cups of water, 1/4 tsp vanilla paste. I still followed the original directions though the recipe was written for using an ice cream machine as my ice cream machines are in a pod- since January!

No ice cream machine, no problem. For once, there was room in the freezer for my uncovered container. I only messed up toward the end of the process by forgetting to stir that last hour- the mixture got a little stiffer than it should. I used our good Guittard cocoa powder and have to say that my chocolate ice tasted just as great as my favorite San Francisco treat – the frozen hot chocolate at Dandelion’s on Valencia Street. I drizzled cream all over it and well, if you LOVE chocolate, you must try it out this Summer. Dandelion Chocolate

My first attempt at Chocolate Ice. Use the best cocoa powder you can find. Add dairy cream or a vegan creme, because the cocoa is rich♥️

In other news, I am finished with masks. Just waiting on fabric to make scrub caps for my kid and her cohorts. I ordered fabric from Etsy and Joann’s, my bet is that the Etsy delivery will arrive sooner. I will also be making some scrub caps for a friend who will donate to an SF hospital – waiting on fabric from her too. I’m excited to work on the fabric ordered from Etsy ,as I ordered a few yards from my favorite designer-Kaffe Fasset . Looks like it will a busy end to May.

Started a couple of weeks ago, just stitching and knots added to a larger canvas with some imagery to frame it.
A few days ago, almost all empty space filled.
Here is where I have stopped…not 💯 if I am finished just yet.

I wish all of you a great evening. Happy Mother’s Day!

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