Still Here

I lost count at 300.


Still here, at home, waiting out the pandemic, hoping the housing market will start up in some way, soon. I’m actually doing well at sheltering in place, but it would’ve great to have my stuff with me rather than on the pod.

Never would I ever have expected to spend so much time sewing masks….but that is the story of April 2020. I hunted down ribbon, elastic and was stalled for a day or two. Then, I was poking around the trunk of my car and found a full bag of loom loops. My guess is the bag had been there since 2005 or whenever I bought my car. It was transferred from an older car that completely broke down on me. Anyhow, the point I was on my way to write, is that the loops are stretchy and soft. I cut them and used them instead of ribbon or elastic for mask ties. I was excited to find both cotton and polyester ( even stretchier!!) loops to be very available at Amazon as well as the usual big box stores.

I gave most of the masks to my daughter to take to work. She is a rad tech at a local hospital here in the Bay Area. I left about 40 at the ‘for sale’ sign in front of my house for neighbors or whoever passed by. I have a red box on my porch for friends to come and get. There’s some that were mailed out and somehow, I still have a few dozen more to give out. Now, I am seeing folks in need are making and selling masks. There seems to be a decline in the urgency for masks. I have probably finished making masks. Instead, I was asked by daughter to make her some surgical caps and so, that’s the new plan. I pieced together remnants from the masks to have enough fabric to make the caps.

Sasha’s caps of many colors that her mama made for her.
I can’t wait to see if they’ll fit her – she has such long, thick hair.

I spent the rest of the time, watching the wildlife. A pair Beswick Wrens, we named Marty and Wendy, nested next to the kitchen window in the birdhouse. They were tireless in coming and going. The last week they were there, the bugs they were bringing back were getting bigger and bigger. At some point, a few nights ago, they moved on. I read the wrens take their growing chicks out at night and they all go their separate ways.

Marty Byrde says ‘hey, there’

We’ve also noticed the little black squirrel ‘Tina’, has become ridiculously bold. She visits everyday. She will show up with the deer and run around them, even though any of them could kick or stomp her if she annoys them.

Almost the whole gang in this video. This is from inside the kitchen, looking out the back window.

If you looked at the video, you see Skinny Doe is not looking skinny at all. I predict a new fawn will soon be making an appearance next month or so.

I have done a little stitching – started out just knots and stitching but I decided to make some bigger with it.

Work in progress.

Thank you for checking out my blog.

P.S. I met up with fellow authors on Zoom, discussing staying creative during this time.

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