Stayed Put

Week 2 of sheltering in place was a productive one. In what once was the dining room, I started putting together masks with the funky sewing machine that only makes a zigzag stitch. I stopped Thursday as I was out of elastic. I had to order ribbon for the next batch as elastic won’t be available now for a month. Grosgrain ribbon will be here in a few days and then I will return to the pile of fabric to make more .

At the beginning of the week, I thought I would make masks with fabric ties until the elastic arrived. I did make many ties but they took up so much time.
30+ face masks!! Would’ve done more but ran out of elastic.

While I’ve been obsessed with making masks, I received at last, some pretty paper to use with my embroidery on canvas.

I love marbled paper. I can make my own but not today.

I am thinking of which project to present here in a few days, using paper. If you might want to join me, it can be any paper that can be neatly pierced by those darner needles. Try poking into the paper with a needle to see what affect the needle leaves on the paper and decide if you like it for your piece.

In other news, we had our first birthday in isolation. Happy Birthday to my sweet husband Scott. Our daughter came by to collect the masks and wish him well. We ordered dinner from a new to us place and rented one of the most current films at movie theater prices…a little extra special.

Scott made his own birthday cake this year. Because he wanted to try out this sour cream chocolate mousse layer cake recipe . He did a great job.

I had already received the bulk order of 8inch canvases and very quickly felt the pull toward stitching a little something . Here’s the result. Thanks for checking out my blog .

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