Change of Plans

The box of canvas for the next round of Sheltering in place projects arrived at the same time the plea for face masks was sent to me by my daughter. My beautiful girl works as a rad tech for a local hospital. She and her coworkers are reusing all their gear. I have to change plans, instead of providing projects, I am sewing masks.

Our good friend Ron Zucker, gave me this huge box of beautiful fabric for making the 😷 s.
I’ve cut countless masks but not finding elastic. I am adding 4-18”inch ties to these instead.

Scott scrounged up a folding table. Noah had a chair 🪑 in his room that inexplicably didn’t end up in the pod with the rest. Found the sewing machines. The good one was missing the foot presser and bobbin holder. Must be with the rest of my sewing gear-in storage. There was still the malfunctioning sewing machine. Only sews zig zaggy stitches!

I wasn’t aware that Big box sewing store was doing curbside service, and freaked out on Facebook about not having thread. Within moments, a friend Sheri, found mutual friend Jenny who had numerous spools of thread for me. I went out of my house for the first time in over a week to drive over to the next town for the thread. Jenny left the thread in a bag on her porch. I left a little surprise for her generosity. I checked my phone from Jenny’s porch and a friend Debbie texted that The big box sewing store had curbside service.

The traffic was ridiculously light. Delightfully, light. I was in the parking lot of the big box store and texting my order for pins, fresh scissors and elastic.

In what was our dining room is now the sewing room. The ironing board is here. The folding table is supporting the zigzagging sewing machine and there’s a bin with Ron’s fabrics-clean,pressed and ready to go. Next to that is a box with about 15 masks, kinda funky -gotta admit, but getting better as I go. My girl will be by in a few days. I will check back in soon.

Skinny Doe and Abe practicing ‘social distancing ‘
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