We are wrapping up our first ‘sheltering in place’ week. While the restrictions became more serious thru the week, we held an open house on Saturday and went out ourselves to look at more houses. Traffic was only slightly lighter than normal. We saw a lot of people out walking around. We had lunch at a Black Bear Diner (disappointing, no chilequilles, they use to have them). We came home to hear people did come and see the house. I buried a St Joseph, but the stock market plunged. We have decided to wait a while before showing the house again.

My niece and nephew had to head home from college. A son with health concerns is sheltering in place on the other side of the country. I am so very grateful the kids not living with me have strong and loving relationships and are not living alone. My daughter works at a hospital and is preparing to be assigned to test patients for the virus (please, make masks and get whatever powers that be to provide better protections for the helpers, not sheltering in place). My youngest has been laid off from work as an audio tech at a large hotel. He’s here with us, using this time to work on his music and writing. My parents live about 15 minutes away. They are well and while we can only drop things off to them, we are glad to be close by.

With the current situation, I have all the time in the world for projects, but am left without most of my art and embroidery materials. I just want to think about making art and almost nothing else because everything else is scary . I know you know what I mean.

All this brooding needs to halt. I ordered up some supplies and will challenge myself to provide some more projects on this blog. Before I show you what I basically use for the projects, here is how I finished off the last project.

It looks wet but that’s because the bead gel is glossy. I could over the baldish parts by adding more glass bead gel or a swipe of paint. I will probably mess around with it.

Recommended- for embroidering on canvas

Well, my book is more detailed and straight to the point with projects while in the blog right now, I’m less clear because my art den has been put in storage- I don’t even have a table. These new tutorials are being done on my windowsill. There are also very simple stitches guide to start off the beginner.
You may have success using regular needles on canvas, but I have not! I use these Darning needles or European Darners on stretched canvas because they are sharp and have big ‘eyes’ . The thread also pictured here, was a deal at Amazon. Not the best fiber but so many colors!! About fifty cents each when bought in bulk at Amazon. I think this was 90 balls of different colors for around $45.
For the week ahead, I am going small- here’s a super pack of 8×8 inch canvases. A good size for these small projects.

That I don’t have many papers, fabrics, embellishments is a bit of problem but I might find some. I had to ( just had to!) purchase some pretty paper via the internet, but no extra fabric or trinkets right now.

Well, there you have it, week one. I am happy to that the sun is out and shining bright. Going to grab some light and think about projects for all those little canvases being delivered in a few days.

Thanks for checking out my blog. I will be back soon. Stay healthy, make stuff, wishing good things for all.

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