Part 2 of the super easy starter project.

When we left off yesterday, we were filling in the background with random straight stitching. It took a couple hours but I liked the primitive look of thick black thread on the white canvas.

Random stitches created this interesting background.

I drew possible ways to decorate the heart space. I decided on filling in the space with some yummy purple malabrigo yarn, before going ahead with decorating it with that yummy greenish yarn.

Hmmm, which design to put in the heart?

Well, I am really taken with using this random straight stitching, so I am starting to do that on the heart. I’m not loving it right now, but we will see if it looks nicer.

I will keep at it til I like it or take out the green. We will see.

The next project is going to be a lot like this but with an acrylic medium called ‘Glass Bead Gel’ made by Golden Gel Mediums. If you have my book you may have already used some for a project. Assuming you have no experience with the medium, I’ll show you.

The medium is gooey with teeny glass beads. When the medium dries, it will reveal just the beads.

I will also be using a paint brush or a spreader ( plastic picnic knife works too) and some acrylic paint to color the gel with .

I will be working on another 10 inch by 10 inch canvas as I still have a few unpacked. I haven’t tried using any paint or medium on fabric in a hoop. If I were going to, I might line the fabric with paper before putting it into the hoop to keep whatever might drip, in place.

Hmmm, what else? Think about yarns, paper or fabric you may have on hand because, we can use them in the next project. We are moving from just needlework to mixed medium artwork.

Thanks for checking me out. I’ll be back later tomorrow to show how today’s heart went and to start off the next project.

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