I hope all reading this are doing well. I am looking out on the grey morning thinking good thoughts and pondering how to use what art supplies remain unpacked and whether to continue with my series of little canvases or commit to a larger piece as I do have a couple 40 inch canvases in the back of the newly uncluttered closet in what was the ‘art den’. The husband offered to dig out one of my sewing machines as I wished ( ok, whined) aloud that this would be a great time to start on all the quilts I want to make for the future new home.

Sadly, while we now have a few future new home options, nothing can happen until we have found buyers for our awesome house. We really can’t do more until then. Even in this time of isolation, houses were open thru the weekend….including ours.

My friends told me about this. I was telling my mom and she said she had done this and even told me where and how to bury the statuette .

If y’all need something to do and haven’t gotten to see my book, now is a good time. You don’t need to know how to embroider- there are some instructions for simple stitching, the activities in the book are about as open ended as can be. I am more about expression than perfection. I hope you check it out. Books are available online around the world. From Amazon to Waterstones, it’s out there. Humungus gratitude to those that already acquired it. I hope 🤞 you are inspired to create.

Time to get my shoes on and see what St Joseph brings us.

I will be back soon as I am in isolation and have some extra time.

Thanks again for checking on the blog.

View from my art den today ❤️unfiltered.
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