Super Starter Project

I thought we could work on something sort of together. Last week, I found a canvas that I had abandoned who knows when? I started adding to it with some old Aunt Lydia cotton thread. The simple straight stitches applied randomly has inspired the super starter project which We can do together here.

I am Starting out with what I happen to have on hand- a ten inch canvas but use fabric with a hoop if that’s what you got. I buy canvas in multi packs, such deals.

a ball of Aunt Lydia’s size 3 crochet thread-black. Of course, use any yarn that you can fit in the needle if there’s no Aunt Lydia. No stressing A 10 inch square canvas, European darning needles, scissors, paper and a pen. You can free hand a heart or cut one from the paper, place it on the canvas and trace. Simple enough, eh?

Basic beginning -just add a needle.

I do not know how this will turn out which is exciting. I don’t know what’s going in the heart yet. TODAY, in these first steps, I only know that I will filling up the area around the heart with those straight, randomly placed stitches.

That is all. It won’t take long to fill that up. Have fun, make X’s, make hashtags. Stitch the outline of the heart. When you are ready for the next step, find yarns or threads you would use for background and or the heart. Enjoy, we’ll look at the next step tomorrow.

Categories Artful embroidery
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