Oh boy, I didn’t mean to be off blogging for quite this long. Good news is our house is finally on the market. Not great news is the unstable stock market and mixed reactions and concerns over Covid 19.

After months- almost a year of clearing out the clutter of 15 years, peeling layers of wall paper off walls, bringing down a rotting structure and a couple decks (my husband did most all the outside work, bringing in a carpenter to install 2 small decks). Lots of priming and painting. Removing most of my art installations, it’s feels great to be finished with the work. Instead, there’s stress of not knowing when this house will sell. If you’ve been thru this, then you know.

We have been back to looking at homes, after the one we wanted is no longer available. Our search has been ongoing from Santa Rosa to Santa Cruz. We may have found “The One” in Marin, but it is too soon to tell and can’t go forward until we sell our house. We shall see.

Sunrise View , this morning from my Embroidery den in Belmont, California.

In other news, there’s not a lot of news. I ended up cancelling my Oakland art gig due to scheduling conflicts-not being able to get over to Oakland for a particular set up time. The venue was very gracious about it and I will check back in with them once we settle.

I have been working on small projects as most of my materials have been packed away for about a month. One of the best things about social media is how easy it is to keep up with the younger people in my family, specifically, my nieces and nephews. My older niece and nephew are married, the rest are in various levels of schooling. My dear Will, often has nice things to say or dm to me about my artwork, so, my latest project has been a skull in a la crosse helmet for him. I still need to add the grill over the face, but here it is.

Still working on this.

Yes, that is a tiny la crosse player in the winker.

With a promise to be back as soon as there is news to share.

Thanks, for checking in!

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