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Days away from putting the house on the market, so please excuse the delays in blogging. I’m still planning a podcast and later, video offerings…but that’s when we resettle…somewhere. Truly, I can’t wait to unpack and set up the studio. My Pinterest’Dream Studio” board is overflowing with ideas I’d like to make happen . It’s very exciting.

Meanwhile, I saw this yummy Berroco Liana tm. It’s variegated, with a delicious slinky feel (contains silk, nylon and linen). In the image I saw of it, it reminded me of My friend Milena’s slim silver bangles.

You know I love a variegated fiber and so, I ordered 2 hanks. In my goal of getting to know as many yarn companies and shops as possible, I found SWAK – “ An Oklahoma legend” , In Guthrie, OK. had the Liana linen.

These are so nice.

Within a few days, my yarn arrived and looked as good as expected. I decided to try it on a small canvas, skull already drawn on the canvas . With the first few stitches, the canvas tore. I wrote in my book and am repeating it here, that ‘bumpy or textured yarn’ will rip up the thin canvases when the fibers bunch up. I switched to a needle with a bigger eye and that helped but this yarn is too thick to be worked with on a small canvas. The thickness of the yarn makes the yarn too stiff to use nicely in small stitches. The canvas starts to look a bit chewed up.

I love the yarn but it will work better on a bigger canvas.
I decided to switch out the yarn at this point. I am filling the skull in with a soft purple-blue cotton pearl thread.

I see that it just was not laying right on the canvas. This made me a bit sad but, I think I will be able to use this yarn on larger pieces, on thicker canvas and in surface design stitches like the ‘Woven Wheel’ stitch in the above picture. Basically, you put in plain stitches in an x and then weave yarn into the x by going over and under those plain stitches- if you made an ‘Ojo de Dios’ or ‘God’s Eye’, it’s like that…but with yarn.

In other news, I am getting excited to bring many new and much smaller canvases to show and sell at Urban Furniture /Urban University on Grand Avenue in Oakland, California. This non-profit provides employment and job training to single moms. Here are a few of the small canvases that will be there.

Thanks for checking in to my blog. Have a fabulous week💫

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