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I am dreaming of the day we finally list, show and sell our house. I really expected that all the work would’ve been completed over the Summer and house sold by Autumn. As you know, none of that happened but has been ongoing forever. We have been busy emptying out the house and it looks like we are only a few weeks away from planting that “For Sale” sign in front of the house.

A reader suggested looking into podcasts and I vaguely remember signing up to do vlogs as well. I am up for both challenges though, I don’t care for the sound of my voice and am technically challenged. It’s a new year and a new decade which is inspiring and directing me to move forward. I have podcast software ready to go. And I confess, I tried to vlog this blog but by the time my Mystery Box arrived, it was dark out. The only clear surfaces in my home are windowsills (almost all the furniture is in a pod). I was relying on the pretty view to enhance my unveiling of the Mystery box. My next issue was trying to unwrap the box while holding the camera- obviously 🙄 not great results. I need a better set up and so, a vlog is put on hold until after we find and move to a new place. I think I will like to show you how I put my next studio together. I do have the podcast software and may start adding some things there. I am more visually inclined than verbal, but I am pulling ideas together I hope will be interesting 🤔.

I bought this Mad Tosh Mystery box, as well as the past Malabrigo yarn mystery boxes from ImagiKnit in San Francisco. If you are in the area, be sure to go by to see my window with embroidered canvases ❤️🎉. ImagiKnit

Did I deserve this MadTosh Mystery Box? Probably not, but my yarns are packed and I had a terrible craving for madtosh.

It was a dark and chilly night when the mail carrier carried my big mushy envelope up the brick stairs to hand deliver the package. I spent about 20 minutes trying to film an unveiling. The dog was yapping and the cat jumped into the scene, I just had to see what was in the envelope, hence, video discarded.

The other side reads “High in Fiber”

This is my first time ordering a Mad Tosh/Madelinetosh mystery box and went for the bigger box/bag.

What I like about Mad Tosh, is the variety of beautiful colors and combinations. I discovered they offer a rewards program and will be checking that out. Also, which makes me happy is they also create specialty yarn that benefits particular non profits. If you head to the website MadTosh , be sure to look at the yarns they are offering to benefit Australia, they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Heart of Glass- 429

The first yarn pulled out of the bag was Heart of Glass. It’s purple with lots of variation. Yummy! The yarns are in hanks, not balls.

Cedar-madelinetosh pashmina

The next hank is from madelinetosh pashmina and contains merino, silk and cashmere fibers. It’s a little fuzzy, but the feel is so soft and the colors range from teal to darkest green. I am in need of these colors so that’s good.

The last hank to drop, is a Mad Tosh that’s new to me

French Toast-452-0.

This yarn looks very much like some other yarn I have. The glowing difference is that “French Toast” has iridescent fibers within it, which creates a glittery effect. I am fearful of embroidering yarns with extra stuff on them. The extra stuff: beads, puffs and yarn with extra textures have torn up or caused problems going into stretched canvas. I tested a few inches of stitching this into canvas to see if there would be a future problem.

Please, excuse the ratty canvas, I use it for testing out yarns.

The shiny fibers are well connected to to the wool fibers. The shiny fibers are superfine and there are not soooo many shiny fibers. There are just enough shiny fibers in this array of deep pastels to make a canvas sparkle from every angle without blinding the observer. This could be fun for a future 💀. I do enjoy adding sparkle when I can.

The last item to appear was this packet of snippers made by Nirvana Needle Arts

These are very sturdy feeling. I like the tiger design. I peeked at the Nirvana Needle Arts website and they have many other designs and tools for needlework. Nirvana .

Wishing you a happy week ahead. Thanks for checking out the blog. I will try to be back soon! 🧧 Happy Lunar New Year!!!

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