Inspiration via iPad

It was another rainy day. I was watching old movies on the television and goofing around with my iPad. I was exploring an app that was already installed on the pad called “Clips”.

There’s the icon ,which looks very much like the FaceTime icon.

I was fiddling in particular with it by watching bits of the movies via the Clips filters.

Can you name these movies?

Well, I got to thinking that it would be fun to snatch on of these filtered images from Clips to embroider on canvas. This filter I liked is called “Ink”.

I like that it puts the image into neat clean lines that seem like they could be easily embroidered onto canvas.

I didn’t use a movie star for my canvas. I chose Abe’s picture instead.

So there’s the picture I was working with. As you see, the black and white is full of grays which would probably been tough to trace to canvas. Now, here is the Clips’ Ink filtered image.

Still, a lot of lines but because the image is black and white, the subjects will be waaaay easier to embroider. I didn’t trace (no tracing or carbon paper here). I printed out the image and attached the part I wanted to a 12 inch canvas. I knew I would pick out just the key lines of the image to embroider as the only yarn I had with me was too wide for those tiny lines. Now, if I really wanted ALL the detailed lines, I would’ve used sewing or quilting needles and basic sewing or quilting threads.

It’s a not a problem to sew or embroider over or through the paper, when you’re embroidering on stretched canvas. I know the paper gets scrappy and the teeny bits litter the embroidery. I just ignore it until I am finished stitching. Most of the scrappy bits fall away. I pat the canvas to make what’s loose fall out. Whatever still sticks out, I tuck under using the eye side of the needle instead of the tip. The tip could damage but the eye side is blunt and wider.

All I had was some yarns leftover from my last few canvases as the bulk of my supplies are packed up. Here is my very quick (made it over a weekend )canvas of Abe with his toy.

Top Ten Reasons to Try Artful Embroidery on Canvas via C&T Publishing

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Thanks for checking out my blog. I will be back soon!

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