Autumn Arrives

Autumn arrives and we are still painting and waiting on floors to be refinished, carpets to be replaced and then there’s 1/3 acre waiting to be made more inviting to the generic public. I spent 15 years installing artsiness and pleasing my own weird taste. It’s not taking 15 years to take down but it is taking longer than we thought to get the old place cleaned and cleared out. How we thought we’d have been ready to sell in July is just a distant memory.

A few new skulls from September.

And it’s tough, tough to plan anything when you aren’t sure about when the house will be ready. I should be excited for SF Open Studios coming up next month. I should be getting my altars ready for Day of the Dead…but all that stuff is packed and there won’t be an altar for 2019 which makes me just incredibly disappointed…I have several new calaveras and sadly, a few new names of those who have recently passed to honor. I promise with whatever energy is in my power, I will make 2020’s altar a really spectacular display….which brings me to my biggest beef about being stuck in limbo. We have been watching houses we would love to make offers on come up for sale, only to get snatched right up. The one house we REALLY want was taken straight off the listing sites within the week we went to see it. I see great homes come up but, that one little house by a road that I always loved and often pictured myself living near, that little house is still on my mind….but it’s too early to call the realtor to find out if this house will be back on the market or not. We shall see, we shall see and it’s back to packing and cleaning and daydreaming about 2020’s altar. 💀🌹🍁

Thanks for checking in on the blog. Happy October- I will be back soon with news of Open Studio activities and a sweet update about my book 📚!!

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