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Happy Labor Day!

Maybe next year on this day, I will have a big party 🎈 and not be a paint stained nervous wreck? I have been continuously kvetching about being super busy on the blog here, it’s true. There’s the start of a new school year – I work with young children (afternoon art enrichment). There’s the fact that my artwork must be ready to hang next week for the Divisadero Art Walk at Rock & Rapture/Onyx Gallery (more on that next blog). There’s been last minute tasks to follow through on for my book (coming January 2020🤓). If that’s not enough to overthink about, we must get our house in prime shape to sell. We thought we would’ve had it listed by now, but we are still painting and packing. Having been here 15 years with assorted pets, kids coming and going – moving out and moving back, plus all my creative installations- it’s more work to pull it together than any of the other houses we had. In the little downtime there is, we look at potential homes on Zillow and all the other online sites. Knowing we ought to wait until we figure what we should spend on a new home hasn’t kept us from going to open houses of the homes that are extra appealing to us. It’s bittersweet when you really like an affordable home, but are unable to make an offer at the present moment. I have lusted at a few homes that had both an art Studio for me and an amazing kitchen for Scott. Of course, these are the homes that are snapped right up. Yesterday, we saw house that is my current object of desire. Scott and I see a lot of potential in this one very unique property.

Best not to get hopes up, which is difficult for me. I can’t suppress all my creative ideas for the space that have been popping up since we saw it.

Best not to think about it, we may not be able to afford it even if it’s still available when this house sells.

So, I put my energy into working around the house I have. I mentioned in the previous blog that I am stripping my crystal trellis to take the thousands of beads and prisms with me.

She’s become unstrung

I have only unstrung 1/2 of the trellis and this 16 gallon barrel is nearly full of strands of beads and crystals.

One of my first cement ‘dreamers’. The rest (many dozens) are in the front yard.

I’ve encountered some angry spiders along the way – Spritzing water on the trellis (fair warning ⚠️ I’m gonna disrupt some webs) and covering myself with bug spray has kept me mostly free from bites.

When I leave the trellis after time spent snipping the strands, I leave a trail of beads into the house. A small percentage of beads tumble off the top of the trellis and end up my hair and clothing. My tub looks like a Mardi Gras Parade moved through it when I shower after unstringing.

Trellis in surprisingly good condition after supporting all the crystals and beads.

my Pinterest for more Crystal Trellis pictures is at https://pin.it/ryww6ov4tps5x2

Thanks for taking a moment to read my blog.

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