Holy Guacamole!

I am still prepping my home to sell. While I haven’t been able to attend to my artwork as much as usual- which is really never enough time anyhow, I have been seriously busy removing wallpaper from bedrooms and hallways and the stairwell. Scott with the help of our Noah, has been demolishing rotting decks and we have filled 2 dumpsters with junk. We are filling our pond after the fawn fell into it A SECOND TIME! This time the fawn was bigger and managed to get out on her/his own. I will begin to retrieve my beads and prisms from the trellis next week. I will create a new crystal project with my treasures when we eventually move to the new place.

I did manage to finish this cozy canvas

I’m still working on this- I’m very distracted by having to move but hoping I can finish this so I like it.

I promise to return very soon- I have NEW 🧶 YARN we need to discuss. And I want to show my beautiful 15plus years in the making Crystal Trellis before I deconstruct it.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thanks for checking out my blog.

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