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We have been busy getting our house cleaned up and clearing out clutter. I am proud of myself for having packed almost all my embroidery den up. Only a small sofa, a file cabinet and my computer desk – computer-chair are left to clear out. Most of my fabrics, yarns and paints are in boxes, waiting, like me, to see where we end up next. My new and most essential yarn and supplies, fit on the shelving units that I relocated into the closet in that room.

At some point, we are replacing the carpet. I’m ready! I’ve torn down all the crazy wallpaper, so painting will also be happening.

I did manage to finish the Tres Amigos canvas. You may recall I was tracing cut out snowflakes on to the canvas to create the background.

When filling up all that negative space/background, I didn’t want to fill in the piece without some thing going on – hence, snowflake cut outs.

I don’t know, do you see the snowflakes in the finished canvas? This isn’t how I expected it to look but I do like it. The texture has it’s own story.

So, now I’m working on the little skulls that I worked out during my long haul flights.

There’s this sparkly guy- using Universe yarn, metallic gold thread and aunt Lydia crochet yarn on the skull. Also, a wee bit of metallic green inside the eye sockets.The background is more Aunt Lydia and the colorful flowery shapes are made using bamboo yarn.

This bamboo yarn feels very nice and soft.

Then, also in progress is this canvas. I added 2 skulls to a larger canvas, then composed the background.

As you can see, I have begun to mark sections that will remind me which yarn is meant to be in that area. But, ya know, every design I work on, is always subject to change. It’s sort of a recent thing that I sometimes change the design whilst working on it. I have a few ideas for this piece but, for now, this is it.

I don’t often buy stuff from internet ads but a few weeks back, I was on

Pinterest and saw a skein of yarn that, despite the cost and unknown retailer, I had to have it. I sent for it and after 2 weeks of not hearing from them or receiving the yarn, I contacted the seller. Turned out the seller had a family matter the week I ordered my yarn. The seller immediately put out an email after to inform the rest of their customers. So finally my yarn arrived and it turned out to be 2 slightly different skeins meant to be worked together. The colors are deep and rich. The yarn is gorgeous as it was in the Pinterest photo.

The tea was included with the yarn. I do love the little touches like that ❤️

Turned out to be two different skeins- sold together. Love it.

‘Skinny’ by Skeincocaine

Check out the yarns at https://www.skeincocaine.com/

Thanks for reading my blog.

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