Notes from a Broad

Hello from the sunny Roman countryside.

We are at the midpoint of our trip. Before landing in Rome, we spent a few days in Amsterdam. We love Amsterdam so much. This was our 6th time visiting.

I had intended to go to many yarn shops. Once we settled in our hotel in Rembrandtsplein, I looked up the locations of the noted shops. Only Stephen & Penelope were within walking range. It looked like a good shop so we went on to find it.

I was delighted the shop was just a scenic 9 minute walk plus open on a Sunday.

The staff spoke clear English, were helpful and informative.

Check out the shop- so clean and well lit.

I purchased several small skeins- Would you like to see?👀🛍🧶

Most of the skeins were From the Dutch company Undercover Otter. I can’t resist variegated colored yarn and there is lots of it at

I also treated myself to a plump lump of Zauberball from Germany. This brand costs twice as much in the states. Would’ve purchased more but it was the rare occasion that my husband was along for the shopping. I didn’t want to throw him into shock regarding how much I would’ve spent. Thank goodness for internet shopping.

The only other yarn I came across was at the Albert Cuyp Market

Before I go back to loll by the saltwater pool, here at the Villa, there’s one more place I want to show you.

I thought I would be able to leave the Manchester, England airport during our 6 hour layover but, nope. The only place I would’ve gone (I’ve been to Manchester in 2003 to see a band) would’ve been this particular yarn shop.

The business owner, Lyndsey, the Countess has high functioning Autism. Aside from creating kickass yarn, her mission is to ensure that all will feel that they can be a part of what they offer in terms of community, products and employment with Countess Ablaze.

Thanks again for reading my blog🧶❤️💐

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