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I cannot say everything is back to normal after the fawn rescue because there is no normal here. I can say lots of good things are going forward. Lots of good things ARE going forward and I will save a little news about my ‘Artful Embroidery on Canvas’ book for a future blog as I want to write a bit about one technique I sometimes use to create a background for my canvases.

Years and years ago, my group of new friends and I went to a paint your own pottery place. I was excited to do any sort of art adventure with anyone as being artsy was and is my best self. Not everyone was happy about having to do a creative thing. The one friend pouted and declared she hated art and had no talent and would rather be at the dentist. When faced with her blank bowl and sour expression, I told her to just do o’s and x’s or swirls. She went on to almost enjoying herself which was much better to be around than listening to ‘I hate this’. My point is that art isn’t difficult when you think in simpler terms. My day job for most of my life has been working with children . I’m currently wrapping up my 2018-2019 school year where I have been teaching preschool art. I still get inspired by simple art activities.

Here is where I left off a few blogs ago.

I was contemplating how I would use all those yarns together for a background.

I thought about stars, checkerboards and all sorts of things but opted for the snowflake effect. Snowflake effect? What I mean by snowflake effect is how most of us made snowflakes from folding construction paper then cutting out pieces of the folded edge. When unfolded the resulting paper resembled an enlarged snowflake.

I employed this technique with rectangular not squared paperand then traced the results on the canvas.

Snowflaking = fun patterns to trace to canvas.

I am using the same idea to fill in the background on my current work in progress

I had already decided to use up all my yummy pink mechita yarn on the background and had loosely drawn a sort of raggedy looking floral shapes on the lower part of the canvas. I decided to use the snowflake process to design the top part of the background.

I cut out a slew of snowflakes and arranged them for tracing onto the canvas.

I can’t say if any of those shapes will standout in the sea of pink but it would’ve been interesting to have filled them in various colors – maybe next time I will feature them in full bloom.

As you can see, I had started to fill in the skull’s with some Aunt Lydia metallic thread but after an hour, I quit. It just didn’t feel right. The metallic thread kept balling up and I knew what I really wanted was more of that Universe yarn I obtained at Imaginknit in San Francisco.

I went to the website and chose 3 colors for the 3 skulls.

The three I ordered arrive a day later. The green is ‘candy’ . The lightest colored yarn of the 2 light colored yarns, is ‘Crystal’ and the slightly grayer yarn is ‘Silk’.

It’s hard to see the difference but there is a very slight color difference and the crystal may contain more sparkly Mylar strands.that may make the skulls more interesting. We shall see?

Back to a point I was trying to make, when faced with having to make a design decision and not having any driving inspiration, look back to simple ideas like swirls and X’s and O’s. Look back to early childhood activities like cutting patterns in folded paper.

Thanks for reading my blog. I will be back soon with some new news!

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