Deer Me!

It was late in the day, the very end of a marvelous 3 day weekend that included a great party, an ABBA sing a long and a brief but wonderful visit with a friend from another coast. I was just about to sit on down to blog about my latest canvases but then happened to look out my back window. Some animal appeared to be thrashing around in our pond. The pond is deep and murky so I could only see what bits were thrashing. I ran downstairs and out to the pond.

The pond is dark and filled with terrors.

I yelled to my son to “CALL DAD!!”…”there’s a fawn in the pond!”

So, he yells “DAD! There’s a deer in the pond”, completely unaware that Dad is not home and I meant call him on the phone.

Meanwhile, I tried to get the fawn out with a plank of wood. Of course, that wasn’t going to work and the fawn was starting to tire and sink -then bob up. I had the kid grab me a towel and I then I GRABBED the fawn. The fawn was much smaller and lighter weight than I expected. I wrapped it up in the towel – not just to warm it off but to prevent myself getting kicked though the fawn wasn’t resisting being held.

Thanks, kid!

After toweling the muck off the fawn’s face, I brought it up to the main yard and put it down and to see if it was injured. The doe that is always here, we call Skinny, appeared . I was hoping that the fawn was her’s.

Skinny Doe showing up but turned out not to be the fawn’s ma.

Skinny was interested and waited with the fawn while I went indoors to explain to Scott (just came home) what was going on. The fawn wasn’t getting up but was flopping around in the most awkward and hard to watch way.

It managed to wedge it’s way under a bench.

Scott wriggled the fawn out but it was’nt getting up. We called all the wildlife rescue places but no one was picking up… I stayed near the fawn, trying to warm it, soothe it and determine if it was wounded.

After a few minutes, it was able to stand up.

It took a few shaky steps and fell, but was able to dash up to join Skinny Doe on the hill.

Skinny Doe took off. The little fawn found shelter under a deck. I left hoping the fawn’s ma would be by. I listened all night for sounds of deer calling out, but heard nothing.


The first thing this morning, I went to see if the fawn was around and if it was okay.

Yes, still under that deck but not for very long.

By mid morning, the fawn was in the yard following the cat around.

Then, a twin fawn bounced into view. They pranced around a little then trotted down to the easement.

Time to go back to ma!
What a face.
Still there.

I went out to see them leave.

Glad it all worked out! Now, what was I SUPPOSE to be blogging about?

Next embroidery blog coming soon!

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