Checking In

Time seems to be going by very quickly. I have finished the ‘Double Bass’ skull and am slowly starting to decide what I’m going to do for the background of the “Dime Eyed’ Skull. I wrote about my progress on them in my last blog.

Here’s where the last blog left off

I had a mass of a beautiful yarn ‘Gossip’ by Hedgehog Fibres, that I began to stitch around the music paper.

At a point, I liked the way the stitching looked- like a box of pink & purple toothpicks had been dropped. I put away the Hedgehog yarn and started searching thru my stash to find a new background yarn to add.

I got excited when I found a large amount of this yummy Aqua based yarn. I also used a few strands of a silvery ‘universe’ thread.

And here is the finished canvas~

Now, back to Figuring out a background for “Dime Eyes”.

Back into the bins to look for background colors. Turned out, I have decided to use almost all of the yarns in this picture ~ I’m pretty sure if I ‘m careful, I can keep it from looking muddy.

Sorry, my yarn is not neat but it is mostly soft and feels nice in my hands. I don’t mind detangling it while watching TV or on a long drive.

I have decided on how I will the space with a design. I can’t wait to show you after I get going .

Thanks for reading my blog.


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