Notes on Current WIPs . Happy May 🦋💐🌸

Crazy busy🤪, but I am going to take a few moments to write notes on these work in progress skulls before plunging into the third one.

I had experimented with alcohol inks – at some point I will post a tutorial on playing with alcohol inks, but, after messing around, I left the canvas alone and forgot about it until I stumbled over it as I am packing stuff up. Instead of packing up, I decided to do a skull on it.

I started by attaching my sketch to the canvas and stitching in the pen lines. I made and use a template of a basic skull. In this canvas, it’s the same template as my series of 24×24″skulls. I will probably move this skull onto a 24″ canvas too. I decided I will keep adding 24″ inch skulls so I always have 24. I’ve sold some and have catching up to do.

When I started I was going to have the skull all in rainbow colors using 2 different ‘rainbow’ yarns. One yarn had longer areas of individual colors, so the stitches mingling would be a little less predictable than only using one yarn.

Whatever my current embroidery project is, I keep it across the room from me when I’m not stitching so I can just look at it and think about it. I didn’t get very far with my two different rainbow yarns before I decided to add a completely different yarn.

I really like using this particular yarn I picked up at ImagiKnit in San Francisco.

It has a shiny fiber running thru it as well as the black thread wrapping around a strand of pink.

I had packed up my stash of mirrors so improvised with dimes to make pupil like things in the eye sockets. I have next to create a back drop since I am not staying with this inked canvas.

Here is the other skull-in-progress when I was starting.I used a yarn by Mechita called ‘Double Bass’. The teeth in the first skull are also the Double Bass.

I also hot pink and a bright turquoise shiny threads to glam it up a bit.

Though the color is a bit off, you can see I filled in some of those areas with that rainbow yarn . Both of the canvases show just where I took a detour with the yarns as my original intention was for the former skull to be all rainbow but I ended up adding the pink ‘universe’ thread instead of finishing with all rainbow yarn. Here, I was going to complete this skull with just the ‘Double Bass’ but haha, I put rainbow in.

My next step for this canvas is to create the background….and I have begun to do that by stitching in some paper. I will add either more paper or something else ( I keep an open mind as I go).

Thanks for reading my blog❤️

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