Happy National Yarn Store Day🧶🧶🧶

Well, Hello again!

I didn’t know there is a National Yarn Day, but I see that it’s a thing and it’s today.

I love using yarn with stitching for a few reasons. One reason is the softer texture of fine wool or silk fibers in my hand. I stitch for hours at a time and a good feeling yarn is a pleasure. I like the width of sock weight yarn which works perfectly fine with my Dritz European Darners. Yarn comes is a vast variety of fibers, colors and designs it can be sparkly or slick. If you haven’t tried stitching with yarn, I think you should give it a try.

If you read the previous blog entry, I am happy to update that I have discovered via the internet, there are at least 10 yarn shops by Amsterdam!! I will get pictures of the ones I do get to and if I find any in Rome, I will document those as well.

Have a great Yarn Day and Weekend🧶🎈!

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