Summer is Coming!

Everything is happening in 2019. We are prepping our house to sell but first, we have a special vacation planned. Our beautiful wonderful niece and her fiance have chosen a destination wedding in Rome, Italy!

Last time in Rome was 2013

We are leaving a few days early for our 5th stay together in Amsterdam. We had each been to Amsterdam twice and as we both love the vibe, art, food and walkabilty, we opted to describe these few days as a salute to our 30th-31st wedding anniversary. Last time we brought our daughter and younger son. Amsterdam is a wonderful place to bring family- so much is very child friendly.

First time in Amsterdam 1977. Age 18 years

This upcoming visit to Amsterdam, I have a mission. That mission is to scope out as many yarn shops as I can find. Already I found out there are so many more shops than there are in San Francisco. Yarn shops are becoming harder to find in my region. I have a funny story about going to a favorite local high-end yarn shop only to discover it had become an Art Gallery! A gallery that specializes in Skulls! I ended up displaying and selling a few of my Skull canvases right there!

Check out what once was my go-to yarn shop-

I am also going to research and hopefully be able to find some yarn shops in Rome as well but our focus will be on the wedding festivities as well as lazing about the villa we are all staying at. It’s very exciting.
If anyone knows of, or has a yarn shop to suggest in Amsterdam or Rome, PLEASE send me the info.

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