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Had Dave and Hillary not bounced into town for a visit, S. And I probably wouldn’t have been up for another free admission museum day in the rainy weather.

Dave is a lifelong friend of My husband Scott, and a long time friend of mine. Hillary, Dave’s wife is a wonderful person as well as a very proficient artist in many mediums. I will put a link to her website at the end f this blog.

The timing of the visit aligned with April’s ‘first Tuesday Free Admission Day’.

We were to begin at SFMOMA but head’s up, SFMOMA doesn’t participate in first Tuesday. Disappointing, because I really like it so much and hoped to share it with Hillary.

We ambled a few blocks over to the Contemporary Jewish Museum. I warn you not to go there on an empty stomach. There is a Jewish style deli instead of a typical museum cafe. The aroma of pastrami and kosher dill wafts throughout the exhibits.

Was it art or the scent of corned beef that made my mouth water?

Here are pix from the 2 main exhibits.

Tattoos are/were considered somewhat taboo for observant Jews. Even so, my Jewish grandfather had a few on his arm from when he was in the navy. I am now sorry that I never asked him where he was and who it was that engraved the large heart and full names of my grandma, aunt and mother upon his right arm.


The second exhibit we went into was :

Hey! This show that included some textile pieces.

The museum is bright and spacious but there wasn’t much more to see. I hate to see such large open spaces where exhibits could be.

The savory deli smells readied us for lunch. We walked back to the car . On the way to our parking space, I looked up and saw this incredible Jeanne Gang building going up on Folsom ST. Here’s my picture of it.

Dizzying to look straight up at. 100 Folsom ST., San Francisco.

Where better to graze than the Ferry Plaza Building? We had bits and pieces and enjoyed looking at and tasting the variety of products.

Refueled and ready for more, our next stop was to see what was on display at the Legion of Honor Museum.

Later this week, a huge Rubens exhibition will open. No special exhibits but we spent hours pouring over the entire place.

More pictures of art that grabbed me.


We were looking until closing time. The drizzle wasnt so bad. We decided we needed some outdoor time and moved on to Queen Wilhelmina’s tulip garden and then over to Land’s End before dining on ramen over by the avenues. How about a couple more pictures?

Thanks so much for reading my blog.

Please do take a peek at Hillary’s beautiful artwork:

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