Current work in progress

The current title of this piece I’m working on is ‘Eve’. I suppose that should I move ‘her’ to a larger canvas, I would probably add apples, a snake and Adam.

I started as I often do by sketching out a face and adding what feels right to me. If I don’t like my drawing, I will draw over it with a different color. Mostly, I go with my original sketch. I have very few rules for myself. Lately, I have allowed mistakes to stay and challenge myself to work them into the piece.

With Eve, I just kept going with the original sketch. While it was unfinished, I stitched black cotton over my design as it was. I had an inspiration to stroke some acrylic interference colors on the threads.

My thoughts were to see whether the interference colors might affect the over all piece. Still can’t tell.

Here it was at that point-

With blue and gold interference mediums brushed around.

It was clear to me that Eve would need to be added to a larger canvas.

So, I freed her from this canvas and stitched her onto a 24″x30″ canvas.

And now, here we are today. I enhanced face area with metallic black thread and painted the canvas edges black. I’m thinking the black edging would help the black threads stand out more than the usual (for me) white/blank/negative space on the edges. I don’t really like painting the edges but if it works then 👍 great. If it doesn’t seem right, I will remove the embroidered piece and attach it to yet a 3rd and larger canvas and then enjoy the challenge of making additional imagery for the piece.

So, here we are. Should be finished very soon.

Stay tuned 🧶

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