Stitch, stitch, stitch

I finished my large embroidery.

Untitled, embroidery on canvas, 40”x30”, March 2019

And was excited to start the next canvas of the series… but, before going forward, heard the skulls calling to me. It’s been said you can never have too many ideas. I have always had more ideas than time or resources allow. Even with so much going on and more ideas popping up, the skulls are refusing to be ignored.

Well, okay then, I managed to let a few skulls out on canvas over the weekend. That felt good.

The Singers, 30”x15”, embroidery on canvas with glitter and acrylic mediums, March 2019

Now, onto the next canvas. It’s another biggie. I’m longing to get right back to it after blogging this. Have a great week.

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