Museum Day

Now that my husband Scott is unemployed, he wants to take advantage of the free museum days. The 1st Tuesday of each month is a free admission to many of San Francisco’s museums. In the past, I would ride up to SF with Scott and go to museums alone while he worked. He saw that ‘ Monet; The Final Years ‘ was up at the De Young Museum and was excited. I reminded him that free admission day only means that general admission is free ($15 each, normally). To see the Monet is $35 each. Parking was another $15. That didn’t deter any enthusiasm on his part.

I tell you the cost so there are no surprises when you go.

It was as rainy and gray as San Francisco can be. The free museum day art lovers were out in full force though not all in for Monet. We only had to wait a few minutes to go into the Monet exhibit.

Here are some photos.

I have my best dreams whilst embroidering.

As someone who paints, I LOVE getting close up in there and seeing how a thing is actually painted.
The Lillies, so floaty.
My favorite of the water lillies.
The Japanese Bridge. Gorgeous!

Scott absorbing art.

It’s swirls and smudges of paint on canvas.

We spent about an hour viewing Monet’s works. Seeing the art in 3D, without all the filters and flatness of a photographed image, is inspiring. I admit to being seduced by Monet’s swirls, smudges and wild strokes into believing maybe I too can just let go and create something worth looking at. I leave Monet with a good feeling.

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