Works in Progress

Last spring, I took a quick break from embroidering skulls and decided to play with my enormous stash of paint pens. That urge lead to creating this large canvas.

Ever since, I had the idea to continue with the pattern, but with stitches instead of paints.

After I had finished all 24 skulls and had some canvases already in exhibits.

About mid-November, I sketched out some faces on this 16×20 inch canvas-

Though I filled in the sketch with stitches, I was not satisfied with the canvas. I decided to make this part of the larger canvas of faces that I was already thinking about creating.

My next move was to begin to design the pieces that will be added, along with this first finished canvas.

It will take 6 of these canvases/panels to fill the large canvas I have put aside to finish all the pieces on.

As of now, I have that first panel in place on the large canvas. There are four pieces being worked on simultaneously. The last piece, which will be in the center of these pieces, has yet to be designed. I’m waiting to find out how these 5 pieces , the design, the colors and textures will ‘communicate’ with each other. I will then decide how to link it all together.

Thanks for reading, Have a wonderful week!

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