Skulls to Faces

For the last few years I’ve been enjoying creating my embroidered Skulls.

Mostly, I paint, draw, sculpt and embroider faces. I’ve been drawing faces since I began drawing…and I can’t remember ever not drawing.

And then came those skulls…

My first skulls

Odd that after and still being a devout Deadhead, it wasn’t the band’s SYF motifs that influenced me. I was appreciating Mexican folk art and everything having t do with dia de muertos. At the same time, I was suddenly losing more than a few people I had been close with. In an effort to honor my friends, I began to stitch skulls.

Not in a typical sugar skull way but my own style. In 2016, I planned a series of 24 x 24 inch skulls. I managed to complete the series by September 2018.

Most of the 24 series canvases

Eight of the canvases were shown at Four Barrel Coffee on Valencia Street in San Francisco during November.

I love making the skulls but the urge to create this one big canvas filled with feminine faces has been getting loud and persistent.

So, here I am now, despite having all sorts of things in the fire, somewhere in the beginning of a faces project. This project starts off with 7 small canvases which will be stitched together on a bigger canvas. Of the 7 canvases, 1 is complete, 4 are works in progress and 2 have yet to be designed.

I will wait to see how the current designed canvases work together and then design whatever comes up to me on the 2 remaining canvases. Stay tuned and I’ll post as these progress.

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